Ispra e le Agenzie ambientali a Ecomondo 2016


Ecomondo 2016 si apre tra pochi giorni a Rimini Fiera (8- 11 novembre). Dall’8 al 9 novembre si svolge a Ecomondo anche la quinta edizione degli Stati generali della green economy. Diverse le iniziative (congressi, seminari, tavoli tecnici) a cui partecipa il Sistema delle Agenzie ambientali  (Ispra/Arpa/Appa).
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EVENTI – IMPEL Water conference 2016


hashtag #Impel2016

Water as a precious good for life, many reasons to protect it, Florence, Italy, 5th and 6th 0ctober 2016.  The Conference aims at improving understanding of WFD implementation issues from across the EU Member States using the findings of the SWETE project questionnaire and direct information from key MS. From this, the needs and priorities for support and mechanisms for providing best practice information will be determined. A primary aim and intended outcome of the Conference is building and strengthening the IMPEL Water and Land community through the offering of mutual support, training opportunity and exchange of good practices. Link all’evento >  Programma >